PipeWire  0.3.27
buffers.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  pw_buffers


#define PW_BUFFERS_FLAG_NO_MEM   (1<<0)
 don't allocate buffer memory More...
#define PW_BUFFERS_FLAG_SHARED   (1<<1)
 buffers can be shared More...
#define PW_BUFFERS_FLAG_DYNAMIC   (1<<2)
 buffers have dynamic data More...


int pw_buffers_negotiate (struct pw_context *context, uint32_t flags, struct spa_node *outnode, uint32_t out_port_id, struct spa_node *innode, uint32_t in_port_id, struct pw_buffers *result)
void pw_buffers_clear (struct pw_buffers *buffers)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define PW_BUFFERS_FLAG_DYNAMIC   (1<<2)

buffers have dynamic data


#define PW_BUFFERS_FLAG_NO_MEM   (1<<0)

don't allocate buffer memory




#define PW_BUFFERS_FLAG_SHARED   (1<<1)

buffers can be shared

Function Documentation

◆ pw_buffers_clear()

void pw_buffers_clear ( struct pw_buffers buffers)

◆ pw_buffers_negotiate()

int pw_buffers_negotiate ( struct pw_context context,
uint32_t  flags,
struct spa_node *  outnode,
uint32_t  out_port_id,
struct spa_node *  innode,
uint32_t  in_port_id,
struct pw_buffers result 

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