PipeWire  0.3.27
pw_context Class Reference

the PipeWire context More...

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Public Member Functions

SPA_EXPORT struct pw_impl_factorypw_context_find_factory (struct pw_context *context, const char *name)
 Find a factory by name. More...

Detailed Description

the PipeWire context

The context object manages all locally available resources. It is used by both clients and servers.

The context is used to:

  • Load modules and extend the functionality. This includes extending the protocol with new object types or creating any of the available objects.
  • Create implementations of various objects like nodes, devices, factories, modules, etc.. This will usually also create pw_global objects that can then be shared with clients.
  • Connect to another PipeWire instance (the main daemon, for example) and interact with it (See page_core_api).
  • Export a local implementation of an object to another instance.

Member Function Documentation

◆ pw_context_find_factory()

SPA_EXPORT struct pw_impl_factory * pw_context_find_factory ( struct pw_context context,
const char *  name 

Find a factory by name.

contextthe context object
namethe name of the factory to find

Find in the list of factories registered in context for one with the given name.

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