PipeWire  0.3.27
impl-core.c File Reference

Data Structures

struct  resource_data


#define ENODATA   9919
#define NAME   "impl-core"


SPA_EXPORT struct pw_impl_corepw_context_create_core (struct pw_context *context, struct pw_properties *properties, size_t user_data_size)
SPA_EXPORT struct pw_impl_corepw_context_get_default_core (struct pw_context *context)
SPA_EXPORT void pw_impl_core_destroy (struct pw_impl_core *core)
SPA_EXPORT const struct pw_propertiespw_impl_core_get_properties (struct pw_impl_core *core)
 Get the core properties. More...
SPA_EXPORT int pw_impl_core_update_properties (struct pw_impl_core *core, const struct spa_dict *dict)
 Update the core properties. More...
SPA_EXPORT int pw_impl_core_register (struct pw_impl_core *core, struct pw_properties *properties)
SPA_EXPORT void * pw_impl_core_get_user_data (struct pw_impl_core *core)
SPA_EXPORT struct pw_globalpw_impl_core_get_global (struct pw_impl_core *core)
 Get the global of this core. More...
SPA_EXPORT void pw_impl_core_add_listener (struct pw_impl_core *core, struct spa_hook *listener, const struct pw_impl_core_events *events, void *data)
 Add an event listener. More...

Macro Definition Documentation


#define ENODATA   9919


#define NAME   "impl-core"

Function Documentation

◆ pw_context_create_core()

◆ pw_context_get_default_core()

SPA_EXPORT struct pw_impl_core* pw_context_get_default_core ( struct pw_context context)

◆ pw_impl_core_add_listener()

SPA_EXPORT void pw_impl_core_add_listener ( struct pw_impl_core core,
struct spa_hook *  listener,
const struct pw_impl_core_events events,
void *  data 

Add an event listener.

◆ pw_impl_core_destroy()

SPA_EXPORT void pw_impl_core_destroy ( struct pw_impl_core core)

◆ pw_impl_core_get_global()

SPA_EXPORT struct pw_global* pw_impl_core_get_global ( struct pw_impl_core core)

Get the global of this core.

◆ pw_impl_core_get_properties()

SPA_EXPORT const struct pw_properties* pw_impl_core_get_properties ( struct pw_impl_core core)

Get the core properties.

◆ pw_impl_core_get_user_data()

SPA_EXPORT void* pw_impl_core_get_user_data ( struct pw_impl_core core)

◆ pw_impl_core_register()

SPA_EXPORT int pw_impl_core_register ( struct pw_impl_core core,
struct pw_properties properties 

◆ pw_impl_core_update_properties()

SPA_EXPORT int pw_impl_core_update_properties ( struct pw_impl_core core,
const struct spa_dict dict