PipeWire  0.3.36
Here is a list of all modules:
 Array ObjectsAn array object
 PipeWire Core InterfacePipeWire core interface
 Client ObjectPipeWire client object class
 PipeWire Client
 PipeWire ContextThe PipeWire context object manages all locally available resources
 ControlA control can be used to control a port property
 The PipeWire Core Global ObjectThe core global object
 RegistryThe registry object is a singleton object that keeps track of global objects on the PipeWire instance
 PipeWire Device InterfaceThe device is an object that manages nodes
 PipeWire rt-loop objectThis loop starts a new real-time thread that is designed to run the processing graph
 PipeWire Factory InterfaceThe factory is used to make objects on demand
 PipeWire FilterPipeWire filter object class
 PipeWire Global ObjectA global object visible to remote clients
 Link ObjectsPipeWire link object
 PipeWire LinkA link is the connection between 2 nodes (PipeWire Node)
 LoggingLogging functions of PipeWire
 PipeWire LoopPipeWire loop object provides an implementation of the spa loop interfaces
 PipeWire Main-Loop InterfaceA main loop object
 Map ObjectsA map that holds objects indexed by id
 Memory Blocks
 PipeWire Metadata InterfaceThe metadata is used to store key/type/value pairs per object id
 Dynamically loadable ModuleA dynamically loadable module
 NodeThe node object processes data
 PipeWire Node
 PipeWire PermissionPermissions are kept for a client and describe what the client is allowed to do with an object
 PipeWire initialization and infrastructure functions
 Port ObjectA port can be used to link two nodes
 PipeWire Port
 Key-Value pairsProperties are used to pass around arbitrary key/value pairs
 PipeWire ProtocolManages protocols and their implementation
 Proxy ObjectRepresents an object on the client side
 PipeWire ResourcesClient owned objects
 Stream ObjectPipeWire stream objects
 Thread related functionsFunctions to manipulate threads
 PipeWire Threaded Loop ObjectThe threaded loop object runs a PipeWire Loop in a separate thread and ensures proper locking is done
 PipeWire Types
 PipeWire Utility FunctionsVarious utility functions
 PipeWire Work Queue Object
 The pwtest PipeWire Test Suitepwtest is a test runner framework for PipeWire
 SPA BuffersBuffers describe the data and metadata that is exchanged between ports of a node
 SPA Controls
 SPA Debug
 SPA Graph
 SPA DeviceThe device interface can be used to monitor all kinds of devices and create objects as a result
 SPA NodesA spa_node is a component that can consume and produce buffers
 SPA Parameters
 SPA Support Features
 SPA Logging
 SPA Plugin Handles
 SPA Utils
 SPA InterfacesGeneric implementation of implementation-independent interfaces
 SPA HooksA SPA Hook is a data structure to keep track of callbacks
 SPA JSON Parser
 SPA Key Names
 SPA Factory Names
 SPA Types
 PipeWire KeysA collection of keys that are used to add extra information on objects