PipeWire 1.0.3
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 StreamPipeWire stream objects
 FilterPipeWire filter object class
 Core APIThis determines the ordering of items in Doxygen sidebar
 InitializationInitializing PipeWire and loading SPA modules
 Main LoopA main loop object
 ContextThe PipeWire context object manages all locally available resources
 ClientClient interface
 CoreThe core global object
 DeviceDevice interface
 FactoryFactory interface
 LinkA link is the connection between 2 nodes (Node)
 LoopPipeWire loop object provides an implementation of the spa loop interfaces
 ModuleModule interface
 NodeNode interface
 PermissionPermissions are kept for a client and describe what the client is allowed to do with an object
 PortPort interface
 ProxyRepresents an object on the client side
 RegistryThe registry object is a singleton object that keeps track of global objects on the PipeWire instance
 Type infoType information
 Key NamesA collection of keys that are used to add extra information on objects
 Implementation APIPipeWire Object Implementation API
 Client ImplPipeWire client object class
 Core ImplPipeWire core interface
 Device ImplThe device is an object that manages nodes
 Factory ImplThe factory is used to make objects on demand
 Link ImplPipeWire link object
 Metadata ImplThe metadata is used to store key/type/value pairs per object id
 Module ImplA dynamically loadable module
 Node ImplThe node object processes data
 Port ImplA port can be used to link two nodes
 BuffersBuffer handling
 ControlA control can be used to control a port property
 Data LoopPipeWire rt-loop object
 GlobalA global object visible to remote clients
 ProtocolManages protocols and their implementation
 ResourceClient owned objects
 Thread LoopThe threaded loop object runs a Loop in a separate thread and ensures proper locking is done
 Work QueueQueued processing of work items
 UtilitiesPipeWire Utilities
 ArrayAn array object
 ConfigurationLoading/saving properties from/to configuration files
 InternationalizationGettext interface
 LoggingLogging functions of PipeWire
 MapA map that holds pointers to objects indexed by id
 Memory BlocksMemory allocation and pools
 PropertiesProperties are used to pass around arbitrary key/value pairs
 ThreadFunctions to manipulate threads
 UtilitiesVarious utility functions
 ExtensionsPipeWire Extensions
 Client NodeClient node interface
 MetadataMetadata interface
 ProfilerProfiler interface
 Native ProtocolPipeWire native protocol interface
 Session ManagerSession manager interface
 SPASimple Plugin API
 PODBinary data serialization format
 BuffersBuffers describe the data and metadata that is exchanged between ports of a node
 ControlControl type declarations
 DebugDebugging utilities
 DeviceThe device interface can be used to monitor all kinds of devices and create objects as a result
 GraphNode graph
 NodeA spa_node is a component that can consume and produce buffers
 ParametersParameter value enumerations and type information
 UtilitiesUtility data structures, macros, etc
 ANSI codesANSI color code macros
 MiscellaneousHelper macros and functions
 DictionaryDictionary data structure
 ListDoubly linked list data structure
 HooksA SPA Hook is a data structure to keep track of callbacks
 InterfacesGeneric implementation of implementation-independent interfaces
 JSONRelaxed JSON variant parsing
 JSON to PODJSON to POD conversion
 Key NamesKey names used by SPA plugins
 Factory NamesSPA plugin factory names
 Result handlingAsynchronous result utilities
 RingbufferRing buffer implementation
 String handlingString handling utilities
 TypesData type information enumerations
 SupportSupport interfaces provided by host
 CPUQuerying CPU properties
 DBusDBus communication
 I18NGettext interface
 LogLogging interface
 LoopEvent loop interface
 Plugin HandleSPA plugin handle and factory interfaces
 Plugin LoaderSPA plugin loader
 SystemI/O, clock, polling, timer, and signal interfaces
 ThreadThreading utility interfaces