PipeWire 1.0.7
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One of the design goals of PipeWire is to be able to closely control and configure all aspects of the processing graph.

A fully configured PipeWire setup runs various pieces, each with their configuration options and files:

  • pipewire: The PipeWire main daemon that runs and coordinates the processing.
  • pipewire-pulse: The PipeWire PulseAudio replacement server. It also configures the properties of the PulseAudio clients connecting to it.
  • wireplumber: Most configuration of devices is performed by the session manager. It typically loads ALSA and other devices and configures the profiles, port volumes and more. The session manager also configures new clients and links them to the targets, as configured in the session manager policy.
  • PipeWire clients: Each native PipeWire client also loads a configuration file. Emulated JACK client also have separate configuration.

Configuration Settings

Configuration of daemons:

Configuration of devices:

Configuration for client applications, either connecting via the native PipeWire interface, or the emulated ALSA, JACK, or PulseAudio interfaces:

Manual Pages

Configuration Index



client.conf, client-rt.conf


Runtime settings

Environment variables

Device properties