PipeWire 1.0.7
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The access module performs access checks on clients.

The access check is only performed once per client, subsequent checks return the same resolution.

Permissions assigned to a client are configured as arguments to this module, see below. Permission management beyond unrestricted access is delegated to an external agent, usually the session manager.

This module sets the PW_KEY_ACCESS as follows:

  • If access.legacy module option is not enabled:

    The value defined for the socket in access.socket module option, or "default" if no value is defined.

  • If access.legacy is enabled, the value is:

If the resulting PW_KEY_ACCESS value is "unrestricted", this module will give the client all permissions to access all resources. Otherwise, the client will be forced to wait until an external actor, such as the session manager, updates the client permissions.

For connections from applications running inside Flatpak, and not mediated by other clients (eg. portal or pipewire-pulse), the pipewire.access.portal.app_id property is to the Flatpak application ID, if found. In addition, pipewire.sec.flatpak is set to true.

Module Name


Module Options

Options specific to the behavior of this module

  • access.socket = { "socket-name" = "access-value", ... }:

    Socket-specific access permissions. Has the default value { "CORENAME-manager": "unrestricted" } where CORENAME is the name of the PipeWire core, usually pipewire-0.

  • access.legacy = true: enable backward-compatible access mode. Cannot be enabled when using socket-based permissions.

    If access.socket is not specified, has the default value true otherwise false.

    The legacy mode is deprecated. The default value is subject to change and the legacy mode may be removed in future PipeWire releases.

    General options

Options with well-known behavior:

Example configuration

context.modules = [
{ name = libpipewire-module-access
args = {
# Use separate socket for session manager applications,
# and pipewire-0 for usual applications.
access.socket = {
pipewire-0 = "default",
pipewire-0-manager = "unrestricted",
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