PipeWire 1.0.3
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JACK Tunnel

The jack-tunnel module provides a source or sink that tunnels all audio to a JACK server.

This module is usually used together with JACK DBus detect that will automatically load the tunnel with the right parameters based on dbus information.

Module Name


Module Options

  • jack.library: the libjack to load, by default libjack.so.0 is searched in JACK_PATH directories and then some standard library paths. Can be an absolute path.
  • jack.server: the name of the JACK server to tunnel to.
  • jack.client-name: the name of the JACK client.
  • jack.connect: if jack ports should be connected automatically. Can also be placed per stream.
  • tunnel.mode: the tunnel mode, sink|source|duplex, default duplex
  • midi.ports: the number of midi ports. Can also be added to the stream props.
  • source.props: Extra properties for the source filter.
  • sink.props: Extra properties for the sink filter.

General options

Options with well-known behavior.

Example configuration of a duplex sink/source

context.modules = [
{ name = libpipewire-module-jack-tunnel
args = {
#jack.library = libjack.so.0
#jack.server = null
#jack.client-name = PipeWire
#jack.connect = true
#tunnel.mode = duplex
#midi.ports = 0
#audio.channels = 2
#audio.position = [ FL FR ]
source.props = {
# extra sink properties
sink.props = {
# extra sink properties