PipeWire 1.0.7
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Module Name


Module Options

  • name: name of the sink, to be prefixed
  • sink_name: name for the sink
  • sink_properties: properties for the sink
  • namereg_fail: when false attempt to synthesise new sink_name if it is already taken
  • device: ALSA device
  • device_id: ALSA card index
  • format: sample format
  • rate: sample rate
  • alternate_rate: alternate sample rate
  • channels: number of channels
  • channel_map: channel map
  • fragments: number of fragments
  • fragment_size: fragment size
  • mmap: enable memory mapping?
  • tsched: enable system timer based scheduling mode?
  • tsched_buffer_size: buffer size when using timer based scheduling
  • tsched_buffer_watermark: lower fill watermark
  • control: name of mixer control, or name and index separated by a comma
  • rewind_safeguard: number of bytes that cannot be rewound
  • deferred_volume: Synchronize software and hardware volume changes to avoid momentary jumps?
  • deferred_volume_safety_margin: usec adjustment depending on volume direction
  • deferred_volume_extra_delay: usec adjustment to HW volume changes
  • fixed_latency_range: disable latency range changes on underrun?