PipeWire  0.3.27
pipewire.c File Reference

Data Structures

struct  plugin
struct  handle
struct  registry
struct  support


#define MAX_SUPPORT   32
#define SUPPORTLIB   "support/libspa-support"


SPA_EXPORT uint32_t pw_get_support (struct spa_support *support, uint32_t max_support)
SPA_EXPORT struct spa_handle * pw_load_spa_handle (const char *lib, const char *factory_name, const struct spa_dict *info, uint32_t n_support, const struct spa_support support[])
SPA_EXPORT int pw_unload_spa_handle (struct spa_handle *handle)
SPA_EXPORT int pw_set_domain (const char *domain)
SPA_EXPORT const char * pw_get_domain (void)
SPA_EXPORT const char * pw_gettext (const char *msgid)
SPA_EXPORT const char * pw_ngettext (const char *msgid, const char *msgid_plural, unsigned long int n)
SPA_EXPORT void pw_deinit (void)
SPA_EXPORT bool pw_in_valgrind (void)
SPA_EXPORT const char * pw_get_library_version (void)
 Get the currently running version. More...
SPA_EXPORT const struct spa_type_info * pw_type_info (void)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define MAX_SUPPORT   32


#define SUPPORTLIB   "support/libspa-support"

Function Documentation

◆ pw_deinit()

SPA_EXPORT void pw_deinit ( void  )

◆ pw_get_domain()

SPA_EXPORT const char* pw_get_domain ( void  )

◆ pw_get_library_version()

SPA_EXPORT const char* pw_get_library_version ( void  )

Get the currently running version.

Referenced by pw_context_create_core().

◆ pw_get_support()

SPA_EXPORT uint32_t pw_get_support ( struct spa_support *  support,
uint32_t  max_support 

Referenced by pw_loop::pw_loop_new().

◆ pw_gettext()

SPA_EXPORT const char* pw_gettext ( const char *  msgid)

◆ pw_in_valgrind()

SPA_EXPORT bool pw_in_valgrind ( void  )

◆ pw_load_spa_handle()

SPA_EXPORT struct spa_handle* pw_load_spa_handle ( const char *  lib,
const char *  factory_name,
const struct spa_dict info,
uint32_t  n_support,
const struct spa_support  support[] 

Referenced by pw_loop::pw_loop_new().

◆ pw_ngettext()

SPA_EXPORT const char* pw_ngettext ( const char *  msgid,
const char *  msgid_plural,
unsigned long int  n 

◆ pw_set_domain()

SPA_EXPORT int pw_set_domain ( const char *  domain)

◆ pw_type_info()

SPA_EXPORT const struct spa_type_info* pw_type_info ( void  )

◆ pw_unload_spa_handle()

SPA_EXPORT int pw_unload_spa_handle ( struct spa_handle *  handle)