PipeWire  0.3.30
filter Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct pw_filter this
const char * path
struct pw_context * context
enum pw_filter_flags flags
struct spa_node impl_node
struct spa_hook_list hooks
struct spa_callbacks callbacks
struct spa_io_positionposition
struct {
   struct spa_io_position *   position
struct spa_list port_list
struct portports [2][MAX_PORTS]
uint32_t change_mask_all
struct spa_node_info info
struct spa_list param_list
struct spa_param_info params [N_NODE_PARAMS]
struct spa_process_latency_info process_latency
struct data data
uintptr_t seq
struct pw_time time
uint64_t base_pos
uint32_t clock_id
struct spa_callbacks rt_callbacks
unsigned int disconnecting:1
unsigned int disconnect_core:1
unsigned int subscribe:1
unsigned int draining:1
unsigned int allow_mlock:1
unsigned int warn_mlock:1
unsigned int process_rt:1

Field Documentation

◆ allow_mlock

unsigned int filter::allow_mlock

◆ base_pos

uint64_t filter::base_pos

◆ callbacks

struct spa_callbacks filter::callbacks

◆ change_mask_all

uint32_t filter::change_mask_all

◆ clock_id

uint32_t filter::clock_id

◆ context

struct pw_context* filter::context

◆ data

struct data filter::data

◆ disconnect_core

unsigned int filter::disconnect_core

◆ disconnecting

unsigned int filter::disconnecting

◆ draining

unsigned int filter::draining

◆ flags

enum pw_filter_flags filter::flags

Referenced by pw_filter_connect().

◆ hooks

struct spa_hook_list filter::hooks

◆ impl_node

struct spa_node filter::impl_node

◆ info

struct spa_node_info filter::info

◆ param_list

struct spa_list filter::param_list

◆ params

struct spa_param_info filter::params[N_NODE_PARAMS]

◆ path

const char* filter::path

◆ port_list

struct spa_list filter::port_list

◆ ports

struct port* filter::ports[2][MAX_PORTS]

◆ position

struct spa_io_position* filter::position

◆ process_latency

struct spa_process_latency_info filter::process_latency

◆ process_rt

unsigned int filter::process_rt

◆ rt

struct { ... } filter::rt

◆ rt_callbacks

struct spa_callbacks filter::rt_callbacks

◆ seq

uintptr_t filter::seq

◆ subscribe

unsigned int filter::subscribe

◆ this

struct pw_filter filter::this

◆ time

struct pw_time filter::time

Referenced by pw_filter_get_time().

◆ warn_mlock

unsigned int filter::warn_mlock

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