PipeWire  0.3.32
impl Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct pw_control this
struct pw_memblockmem
struct pw_impl_device this
struct spa_list param_list
struct spa_list pending_list
unsigned int cache_params:1
struct pw_impl_metadata this
struct metadata def
struct pw_context * context
struct pw_impl_metadata * metadata
struct spa_hook metadata_listener
struct pw_propertiesproperties
struct spa_hook context_listener
struct spa_hook module_listener
struct pw_impl_module * module
struct pw_work_queue * work
uint32_t id
struct pw_core * core
struct spa_hook core_proxy_listener
struct spa_hook core_listener
struct spa_audio_info_raw info
struct pw_stream * capture
struct spa_hook capture_listener
struct pw_propertiessource_props
struct pw_stream * source
struct spa_hook source_listener
void * rec_buffer [SPA_AUDIO_MAX_CHANNELS]
uint32_t rec_ringsize
struct spa_ringbuffer rec_ring
struct spa_io_rate_matchrec_rate_match
struct pw_stream * playback
struct spa_hook playback_listener
struct pw_propertiessink_props
struct pw_stream * sink
struct spa_hook sink_listener
void * play_buffer [SPA_AUDIO_MAX_CHANNELS]
uint32_t play_ringsize
struct spa_ringbuffer play_ring
struct spa_io_rate_matchplay_rate_match
void * out_buffer [SPA_AUDIO_MAX_CHANNELS]
uint32_t out_ringsize
struct spa_ringbuffer out_ring
const struct echo_cancel_info * aec_info
void * aec
uint32_t aec_blocksize
unsigned int capture_ready:1
unsigned int sink_ready:1
unsigned int do_disconnect:1
unsigned int unloading:1
struct pw_propertiesprops
struct pw_propertiesstream_props
struct pw_stream * stream
struct spa_hook stream_listener
uint32_t frame_size
struct spa_io_rate_matchrate_match
struct spa_list ladspa_handle_list
struct pw_propertiescapture_props
struct spa_audio_info_raw capture_info
struct pw_propertiesplayback_props
struct spa_audio_info_raw playback_info
uint32_t rate
struct graph graph
struct spa_dbus_connectionconn
DBusConnection * bus
DBusPendingCall * portal_pid_pending
pid_t portal_pid
struct pw_global * global
int64_t count
uint32_t busy
uint32_t empty
struct spa_sourceflush_timeout
unsigned int flushing:1
unsigned int listening:1
struct spa_ringbuffer buffer
uint8_t tmp [TMP_BUFFER]
uint8_t data [MAX_BUFFER]
uint8_t flush [MAX_BUFFER+sizeof(struct spa_pod_struct)]
struct pw_protocol_pulse * pulse
struct pw_looploop
struct spa_list server_list
struct pw_work_queue * work_queue
bool capture
bool playback
uint32_t mode
struct spa_ringbuffer ring
void * buffer
uint8_t empty [8192]
pa_threaded_mainloop * pa_mainloop
pa_context * pa_context
pa_stream * pa_stream
struct spa_thread_utils thread_utils
int rt_prio
rlim_t rt_time_soft
rlim_t rt_time_hard
struct pw_rtkit_bus * system_bus
pthread_mutex_t lock
pthread_cond_t cond
struct spa_list threads_list
int nice_level
AvahiPoll * avahi_poll
AvahiClient * client
AvahiServiceBrowser * sink_browser
AvahiServiceBrowser * source_browser
struct spa_list tunnel_list
struct sm_media_session * session
struct spa_hook listener
struct spa_list client_list
struct pw_proxy * proxy
struct spa_sourcenotify
struct spa_hook session_listener
struct pw_propertiesconf
struct spa_handlehandle
struct spa_devicemonitor
struct spa_list device_list
struct spa_sourcejack_timeout
struct pw_proxy * jack_device
unsigned int reserve:1
bool have_info
bool seat_active
struct timespec now
struct spa_sourceidle_timeout
struct spa_hook meta_listener
struct default_node defaults [4]
unsigned int sync:1
struct pw_propertiesto_restore
struct sm_media_session this
struct pw_propertiesmodules
struct pw_main_loop * loop
struct spa_dbusdbus
struct spa_hook dbus_connection_listener
struct pw_core * monitor_core
struct spa_hook monitor_listener
int monitor_seq
struct pw_core * policy_core
struct spa_hook policy_listener
struct spa_hook proxy_policy_listener
struct pw_registry * registry
struct spa_hook registry_listener
struct pw_registry * monitor_registry
struct spa_hook monitor_registry_listener
struct pw_map globals
struct spa_list object_list
 all sm_objects More...
struct spa_list registry_event_list
 pending registry events More...
struct spa_hook_list hooks
struct spa_list endpoint_link_list
struct pw_map endpoint_links
 list of struct endpoint_link More...
struct spa_list link_list
 map of endpoint_link More...
struct spa_list sync_list
 list of struct link More...
int rescan_seq
 list of struct sync More...
int last_seq
unsigned int scanning:1
unsigned int rescan_pending:1
unsigned int seat_active:1
struct spa_hook proxy_client_session_listener
struct spa_hook client_session_listener
struct pw_metadata * metadata
struct spa_list endpoint_list
int seq
uint32_t sample_rate
struct spa_list node_list
unsigned int node_list_changed:1
unsigned int linking_node_removed:1
bool streams_follow_default

Field Documentation

◆ aec

void* impl::aec

◆ aec_blocksize

uint32_t impl::aec_blocksize

◆ aec_info

const struct echo_cancel_info* impl::aec_info

◆ avahi_poll

AvahiPoll* impl::avahi_poll

◆ buffer [1/2]

struct spa_ringbuffer impl::buffer

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ buffer [2/2]

void* impl::buffer

◆ bus

DBusConnection * impl::bus

◆ busy

uint32_t impl::busy

◆ cache_params

unsigned int impl::cache_params

◆ capture [1/2]

struct pw_stream * impl::capture

◆ capture [2/2]

bool impl::capture

◆ capture_info

struct spa_audio_info_raw impl::capture_info

◆ capture_listener

struct spa_hook impl::capture_listener

◆ capture_props

struct pw_properties * impl::capture_props

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ capture_ready

unsigned int impl::capture_ready

◆ client

AvahiClient* impl::client

◆ client_list

struct spa_list impl::client_list

◆ client_session_listener

struct spa_hook impl::client_session_listener

◆ cond

pthread_cond_t impl::cond

◆ conf

◆ conn

struct spa_dbus_connection* impl::conn

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ context

◆ context_listener

struct spa_hook impl::context_listener

◆ core

struct pw_core * impl::core

◆ core_listener

struct spa_hook impl::core_listener

◆ core_proxy_listener

struct spa_hook impl::core_proxy_listener

◆ count

int64_t impl::count

◆ data

uint8_t impl::data[MAX_BUFFER]

◆ dbus

struct spa_dbus* impl::dbus

◆ dbus_connection_listener

struct spa_hook impl::dbus_connection_listener

◆ def

struct metadata impl::def

◆ defaults

struct default_node impl::defaults

◆ device_list

◆ do_disconnect

unsigned int impl::do_disconnect

◆ empty [1/2]

uint32_t impl::empty

◆ empty [2/2]

uint8_t impl::empty[8192]

◆ endpoint_link_list

struct spa_list impl::endpoint_link_list

◆ endpoint_links

struct pw_map impl::endpoint_links

list of struct endpoint_link

◆ endpoint_list

struct spa_list impl::endpoint_list

Referenced by sm_policy_ep_start().

◆ flush

uint8_t impl::flush[MAX_BUFFER+sizeof(struct spa_pod_struct)]

◆ flush_timeout

struct spa_source* impl::flush_timeout

◆ flushing

unsigned int impl::flushing

◆ frame_size

uint32_t impl::frame_size

◆ global

struct pw_global* impl::global

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ globals

struct pw_map impl::globals

◆ graph

struct graph impl::graph

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ handle

struct spa_handle * impl::handle

◆ have_info

bool impl::have_info

◆ hooks

◆ id

uint32_t impl::id

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ idle_timeout

struct spa_source * impl::idle_timeout

◆ info

struct spa_audio_info_raw impl::info

Referenced by pw_impl_link_activate().

◆ jack_device

struct pw_proxy* impl::jack_device

◆ jack_timeout

struct spa_source* impl::jack_timeout

◆ ladspa_handle_list

struct spa_list impl::ladspa_handle_list

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ last_seq

int impl::last_seq

◆ link_list

struct spa_list impl::link_list

map of endpoint_link

◆ linking_node_removed

unsigned int impl::linking_node_removed

◆ listener

◆ listening

unsigned int impl::listening

◆ lock

pthread_mutex_t impl::lock

◆ loop [1/2]

struct pw_main_loop* impl::loop

◆ loop [2/2]

struct pw_loop* impl::loop

◆ mem

struct pw_memblock* impl::mem

◆ meta_listener

struct spa_hook impl::meta_listener

◆ metadata [1/2]

struct pw_metadata* impl::metadata

◆ metadata [2/2]

struct pw_impl_metadata* impl::metadata

◆ metadata_listener

struct spa_hook impl::metadata_listener

Referenced by sm_restore_stream_start().

◆ mode

uint32_t impl::mode

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ module

struct pw_impl_module * impl::module

◆ module_listener

struct spa_hook impl::module_listener

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ modules

struct pw_properties* impl::modules

Referenced by main().

◆ monitor

struct spa_device * impl::monitor

◆ monitor_core

struct pw_core* impl::monitor_core

◆ monitor_listener

struct spa_hook impl::monitor_listener

◆ monitor_registry

struct pw_registry* impl::monitor_registry

◆ monitor_registry_listener

struct spa_hook impl::monitor_registry_listener

◆ monitor_seq

int impl::monitor_seq

◆ nice_level

int impl::nice_level

◆ node_list

struct spa_list impl::node_list

Referenced by sm_suspend_node_start().

◆ node_list_changed

unsigned int impl::node_list_changed

◆ notify

struct spa_source* impl::notify

◆ now

struct timespec impl::now

◆ object_list

struct spa_list impl::object_list

◆ out_buffer

void* impl::out_buffer[SPA_AUDIO_MAX_CHANNELS]

◆ out_ring

struct spa_ringbuffer impl::out_ring

◆ out_ringsize

uint32_t impl::out_ringsize

◆ pa_context

pa_context* impl::pa_context

◆ pa_mainloop

pa_threaded_mainloop* impl::pa_mainloop

◆ pa_stream

pa_stream* impl::pa_stream

◆ param_list

◆ pending_list

◆ play_buffer

void* impl::play_buffer[SPA_AUDIO_MAX_CHANNELS]

◆ play_rate_match

struct spa_io_rate_match* impl::play_rate_match

◆ play_ring

struct spa_ringbuffer impl::play_ring

◆ play_ringsize

uint32_t impl::play_ringsize

◆ playback [1/2]

struct pw_stream * impl::playback

◆ playback [2/2]

bool impl::playback

◆ playback_info

struct spa_audio_info_raw impl::playback_info

◆ playback_listener

struct spa_hook impl::playback_listener

◆ playback_props

struct pw_properties * impl::playback_props

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ policy_core

struct pw_core* impl::policy_core

◆ policy_listener

struct spa_hook impl::policy_listener

◆ portal_pid

pid_t impl::portal_pid

◆ portal_pid_pending

DBusPendingCall* impl::portal_pid_pending

◆ properties

◆ props

◆ proxy

struct pw_proxy* impl::proxy

◆ proxy_client_session_listener

struct spa_hook impl::proxy_client_session_listener

◆ proxy_policy_listener

struct spa_hook impl::proxy_policy_listener

◆ pulse

struct pw_protocol_pulse* impl::pulse

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ rate

uint32_t impl::rate

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ rate_match

struct spa_io_rate_match * impl::rate_match

◆ rec_buffer

void* impl::rec_buffer[SPA_AUDIO_MAX_CHANNELS]

◆ rec_rate_match

struct spa_io_rate_match* impl::rec_rate_match

◆ rec_ring

struct spa_ringbuffer impl::rec_ring

◆ rec_ringsize

uint32_t impl::rec_ringsize

◆ registry

struct pw_registry* impl::registry

◆ registry_event_list

struct spa_list impl::registry_event_list

pending registry events

◆ registry_listener

struct spa_hook impl::registry_listener

◆ rescan_pending

unsigned int impl::rescan_pending

◆ rescan_seq

int impl::rescan_seq

list of struct sync

Referenced by sm_media_session_schedule_rescan().

◆ reserve

unsigned int impl::reserve

◆ ring

struct spa_ringbuffer impl::ring

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ rt_prio

int impl::rt_prio

◆ rt_time_hard

rlim_t impl::rt_time_hard

◆ rt_time_soft

rlim_t impl::rt_time_soft

◆ sample_rate

uint32_t impl::sample_rate

Referenced by sm_policy_node_start().

◆ scanning

unsigned int impl::scanning

◆ seat_active [1/2]

bool impl::seat_active

◆ seat_active [2/2]

unsigned int impl::seat_active

◆ seq

int impl::seq

◆ server_list

struct spa_list impl::server_list

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ session

◆ session_listener

struct spa_hook impl::session_listener

Referenced by sm_bluez5_monitor_start().

◆ sink

struct pw_stream* impl::sink

◆ sink_browser

AvahiServiceBrowser* impl::sink_browser

◆ sink_listener

struct spa_hook impl::sink_listener

◆ sink_props

struct pw_properties* impl::sink_props

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ sink_ready

unsigned int impl::sink_ready

◆ source

struct pw_stream* impl::source

◆ source_browser

AvahiServiceBrowser* impl::source_browser

◆ source_listener

struct spa_hook impl::source_listener

◆ source_props

struct pw_properties* impl::source_props

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ stream

struct pw_stream * impl::stream

◆ stream_listener

struct spa_hook impl::stream_listener

◆ stream_props

struct pw_properties * impl::stream_props

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ streams_follow_default

bool impl::streams_follow_default

Referenced by sm_policy_node_start().

◆ sync

unsigned int impl::sync

◆ sync_list

struct spa_list impl::sync_list

list of struct link

Referenced by sm_media_session_sync().

◆ system_bus

struct pw_rtkit_bus* impl::system_bus

◆ this [1/4]

struct sm_media_session impl::this

◆ this [2/4]

◆ this [3/4]

struct pw_impl_device impl::this

◆ this [4/4]

struct pw_impl_metadata impl::this

◆ thread_utils

struct spa_thread_utils impl::thread_utils

◆ threads_list

struct spa_list impl::threads_list

◆ tmp

uint8_t impl::tmp[TMP_BUFFER]

◆ to_restore

struct pw_properties* impl::to_restore

Referenced by sm_default_routes_start().

◆ tunnel_list

struct spa_list impl::tunnel_list

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ unloading

unsigned int impl::unloading

◆ work

struct pw_work_queue * impl::work

◆ work_queue

struct pw_work_queue* impl::work_queue

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