PipeWire  0.3.36
link Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct spa_list link
 link in struct endpoint_link link_list or struct impl link_list More...
struct spa_list input_link
struct spa_list output_link
struct portoutput
struct portinput
struct pw_proxy * proxy
 proxy for link More...
struct spa_hook listener
 proxy listener More...
uint32_t output_node
uint32_t output_port
uint32_t input_node
uint32_t input_port
struct endpoint_linkendpoint_link

Field Documentation

◆ endpoint_link

struct endpoint_link* link::endpoint_link

◆ input

struct port* link::input

◆ input_link

struct spa_list link::input_link

◆ input_node

uint32_t link::input_node

◆ input_port

uint32_t link::input_port

◆ link

struct spa_list link::link

link in struct endpoint_link link_list or struct impl link_list

Referenced by pw_impl_link_destroy(), spa_graph_link_add(), and spa_graph_link_remove().

◆ listener

struct spa_hook link::listener

proxy listener

◆ output

struct port* link::output

◆ output_link

struct spa_list link::output_link

◆ output_node

uint32_t link::output_node

◆ output_port

uint32_t link::output_port

◆ proxy

struct pw_proxy* link::proxy

proxy for link

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