PipeWire  0.3.36
node Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct spa_list link
 link in impl node_list More...
struct graphgraph
struct descriptordesc
char name [256]
char * config
struct port input_port [MAX_PORTS]
struct port output_port [MAX_PORTS]
struct port control_port [MAX_PORTS]
struct port notify_port [MAX_PORTS]
uint32_t n_hndl
void * hndl [MAX_HNDL]
unsigned int n_deps
unsigned int visited:1
struct implimpl
enum pw_direction direction
struct devicedevice
uint32_t id
struct pw_propertiesprops
struct spa_nodenode
struct sm_node * snode
unsigned int acquired:1
struct sm_node * node
struct endpointendpoint
struct pw_impl_node * adapter
struct sm_node * obj
struct spa_hook listener
unsigned char active:1
unsigned char communication:1
unsigned char was_active:1
char * media
struct spa_audio_info format
struct nodepeer
struct nodefailed_peer
uint32_t client_id
int32_t priority
uint32_t type
int connect_count
int failed_count
uint64_t plugged
unsigned int active:1
unsigned int exclusive:1
unsigned int enabled:1
unsigned int configured:1
unsigned int dont_remix:1
unsigned int monitor:1
unsigned int capture_sink:1
unsigned int virtual:1
unsigned int linking:1
unsigned int have_passthrough:1
unsigned int passthrough_only:1
unsigned int passthrough:1
unsigned int want_passthrough:1
struct pw_proxy * proxy
struct spa_sourceidle_timeout

Field Documentation

◆ acquired

unsigned int node::acquired

◆ active [1/2]

◆ active [2/2]

unsigned int node::active

◆ adapter

struct pw_impl_node* node::adapter

◆ capture_sink

unsigned int node::capture_sink

◆ client_id

uint32_t node::client_id

◆ communication

unsigned char node::communication

◆ config

char* node::config

◆ configured

unsigned int node::configured

◆ connect_count

int node::connect_count

◆ control_port

struct port node::control_port[MAX_PORTS]

◆ desc

struct descriptor* node::desc

◆ device

struct device * node::device

◆ direction

enum pw_direction node::direction

◆ dont_remix

unsigned int node::dont_remix

◆ enabled

unsigned int node::enabled

◆ endpoint

struct endpoint * node::endpoint

◆ exclusive

unsigned int node::exclusive

◆ failed_count

int node::failed_count

◆ failed_peer

struct node* node::failed_peer

◆ format

struct spa_audio_info node::format

◆ graph

◆ have_passthrough

unsigned int node::have_passthrough

◆ hndl

void* node::hndl[MAX_HNDL]

◆ id

uint32_t node::id

Referenced by pw_impl_node_destroy().

◆ idle_timeout

struct spa_source* node::idle_timeout

◆ impl

struct impl * node::impl

◆ input_port

struct port node::input_port[MAX_PORTS]

◆ link

struct spa_list node::link

link in impl node_list

Referenced by spa_graph_node_add(), and spa_graph_node_remove().

◆ linking

unsigned int node::linking

◆ listener

struct spa_hook node::listener

◆ media

char * node::media

◆ monitor

unsigned int node::monitor

◆ n_deps

unsigned int node::n_deps

◆ n_hndl

uint32_t node::n_hndl

◆ name

char node::name[256]

Referenced by pw_impl_node_destroy().

◆ node [1/2]

struct sm_node* node::node

◆ node [2/2]

◆ notify_port

struct port node::notify_port[MAX_PORTS]

◆ obj

struct sm_node * node::obj

◆ output_port

struct port node::output_port[MAX_PORTS]

◆ passthrough

unsigned int node::passthrough

◆ passthrough_only

unsigned int node::passthrough_only

◆ peer

struct node* node::peer

◆ plugged

uint64_t node::plugged

◆ priority

int32_t node::priority

◆ props

struct pw_properties * node::props

◆ proxy

struct pw_proxy * node::proxy

◆ snode

struct sm_node * node::snode

◆ type

uint32_t node::type

◆ virtual

unsigned int node::virtual

◆ visited

unsigned int node::visited

◆ want_passthrough

unsigned int node::want_passthrough

◆ was_active

unsigned char node::was_active

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