PipeWire  0.3.30
port Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct spa_nodenode
enum spa_direction direction
uint32_t port_id
struct spa_list link
struct filterfilter
uint32_t id
uint32_t flags
struct pw_port * port
struct pw_propertiesprops
uint32_t change_mask_all
struct spa_port_info info
struct spa_list param_list
struct spa_param_info params [N_PORT_PARAMS]
struct spa_io_buffersio
struct buffer buffers [MAX_BUFFERS]
uint32_t n_buffers
struct queue dequeued
struct queue queued
struct spa_latency_info latency [2]
uint8_t user_data [0]

Field Documentation

◆ buffers

struct buffer port::buffers[MAX_BUFFERS]

Referenced by pw_buffers_clear().

◆ change_mask_all

uint32_t port::change_mask_all

◆ dequeued

struct queue port::dequeued

◆ direction

◆ filter

◆ flags

uint32_t port::flags

◆ id

uint32_t port::id

Referenced by pw_filter_remove_port().

◆ info

◆ io

struct spa_io_buffers* port::io

Referenced by pw_impl_port_set_mix().

◆ latency

struct spa_latency_info port::latency[2]

◆ link

◆ n_buffers

uint32_t port::n_buffers

◆ node

◆ param_list

struct spa_list port::param_list

◆ params

struct spa_param_info port::params[N_PORT_PARAMS]

◆ port

struct pw_port* port::port

◆ port_id

◆ props

◆ queued

struct queue port::queued

◆ user_data

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