PipeWire  0.3.30
resource_data Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct pw_resource * resource
struct spa_hook resource_listener
struct spa_hook object_listener
struct pw_impl_device * device
uint32_t subscribe_ids [MAX_PARAMS]
uint32_t n_subscribe_ids
int seq
int orig_seq
int end
struct spa_param_infopi
struct result_device_params_data data
struct spa_hook listener
struct pw_impl_metadata * impl
struct spa_hook metadata_listener

Field Documentation

◆ data

struct result_device_params_data resource_data::data

◆ device

struct pw_impl_device* resource_data::device

◆ end

int resource_data::end

◆ impl

struct pw_impl_metadata* resource_data::impl

◆ listener

struct spa_hook resource_data::listener

◆ metadata_listener

struct spa_hook resource_data::metadata_listener

◆ n_subscribe_ids

uint32_t resource_data::n_subscribe_ids

◆ object_listener

struct spa_hook resource_data::object_listener

◆ orig_seq

int resource_data::orig_seq

◆ pi

struct spa_param_info* resource_data::pi

◆ resource

struct pw_resource * resource_data::resource

◆ resource_listener

struct spa_hook resource_data::resource_listener

◆ seq

int resource_data::seq

◆ subscribe_ids

uint32_t resource_data::subscribe_ids[MAX_PARAMS]

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