PipeWire  0.3.52
format-utils.h File Reference

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static int spa_format_video_raw_parse (const struct spa_pod *format, struct spa_video_info_raw *info)
static int spa_format_video_dsp_parse (const struct spa_pod *format, struct spa_video_info_dsp *info)
static struct spa_podspa_format_video_raw_build (struct spa_pod_builder *builder, uint32_t id, struct spa_video_info_raw *info)
static struct spa_podspa_format_video_dsp_build (struct spa_pod_builder *builder, uint32_t id, struct spa_video_info_dsp *info)
static int spa_format_video_h264_parse (const struct spa_pod *format, struct spa_video_info_h264 *info)
static struct spa_podspa_format_video_h264_build (struct spa_pod_builder *builder, uint32_t id, struct spa_video_info_h264 *info)
static int spa_format_video_mjpg_parse (const struct spa_pod *format, struct spa_video_info_mjpg *info)
static struct spa_podspa_format_video_mjpg_build (struct spa_pod_builder *builder, uint32_t id, struct spa_video_info_mjpg *info)

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