PipeWire 1.0.5
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Core API

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 Initializing PipeWire and loading SPA modules.
 Main Loop
 A main loop object.
 The PipeWire context object manages all locally available resources.
 Client interface.
 The core global object.
 Device interface.
 Factory interface.
 PipeWire loop object provides an implementation of the spa loop interfaces.
 Module interface.
 Node interface.
 Permissions are kept for a client and describe what the client is allowed to do with an object.
 Port interface.
 Represents an object on the client side.
 The registry object is a singleton object that keeps track of global objects on the PipeWire instance.
 Type info
 Type information.
 Key Names
 A collection of keys that are used to add extra information on objects.

Detailed Description

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The Core API to access a PipeWire instance.

PipeWire Core API

This API is used by all clients to communicate with the PipeWire Daemon.

If you are familiar with Wayland implementation, the Core API is roughly equivalent to libwayland-client.

See: PipeWire API