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iter.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  spa_pod_frame


#define SPA_POD_ARRAY_BODY_FOREACH(body, _size, iter)
#define SPA_POD_ARRAY_FOREACH(obj, iter)    SPA_POD_ARRAY_BODY_FOREACH(&(obj)->body, SPA_POD_BODY_SIZE(obj), iter)
#define SPA_POD_CHOICE_BODY_FOREACH(body, _size, iter)
#define SPA_POD_CHOICE_FOREACH(obj, iter)    SPA_POD_CHOICE_BODY_FOREACH(&(obj)->body, SPA_POD_BODY_SIZE(obj), iter)
#define SPA_POD_FOREACH(pod, size, iter)
#define SPA_POD_OBJECT_BODY_FOREACH(body, size, iter)
#define SPA_POD_OBJECT_FOREACH(obj, iter)    SPA_POD_OBJECT_BODY_FOREACH(&(obj)->body, SPA_POD_BODY_SIZE(obj), iter)
#define SPA_POD_SEQUENCE_BODY_FOREACH(body, size, iter)
#define SPA_POD_SEQUENCE_FOREACH(seq, iter)    SPA_POD_SEQUENCE_BODY_FOREACH(&(seq)->body, SPA_POD_BODY_SIZE(seq), iter)


static bool spa_pod_is_inside (const void *pod, uint32_t size, const void *iter)
static void * spa_pod_next (const void *iter)
static struct spa_pod_propspa_pod_prop_first (const struct spa_pod_object_body *body)
static bool spa_pod_prop_is_inside (const struct spa_pod_object_body *body, uint32_t size, const struct spa_pod_prop *iter)
static struct spa_pod_propspa_pod_prop_next (const struct spa_pod_prop *iter)
static struct spa_pod_controlspa_pod_control_first (const struct spa_pod_sequence_body *body)
static bool spa_pod_control_is_inside (const struct spa_pod_sequence_body *body, uint32_t size, const struct spa_pod_control *iter)
static struct spa_pod_controlspa_pod_control_next (const struct spa_pod_control *iter)
static void * spa_pod_from_data (void *data, size_t maxsize, off_t offset, size_t size)
static int spa_pod_is_none (const struct spa_pod *pod)
static int spa_pod_is_bool (const struct spa_pod *pod)
static int spa_pod_get_bool (const struct spa_pod *pod, bool *value)
static int spa_pod_is_id (const struct spa_pod *pod)
static int spa_pod_get_id (const struct spa_pod *pod, uint32_t *value)
static int spa_pod_is_int (const struct spa_pod *pod)
static int spa_pod_get_int (const struct spa_pod *pod, int32_t *value)
static int spa_pod_is_long (const struct spa_pod *pod)
static int spa_pod_get_long (const struct spa_pod *pod, int64_t *value)
static int spa_pod_is_float (const struct spa_pod *pod)
static int spa_pod_get_float (const struct spa_pod *pod, float *value)
static int spa_pod_is_double (const struct spa_pod *pod)
static int spa_pod_get_double (const struct spa_pod *pod, double *value)
static int spa_pod_is_string (const struct spa_pod *pod)
static int spa_pod_get_string (const struct spa_pod *pod, const char **value)
static int spa_pod_copy_string (const struct spa_pod *pod, size_t maxlen, char *dest)
static int spa_pod_is_bytes (const struct spa_pod *pod)
static int spa_pod_get_bytes (const struct spa_pod *pod, const void **value, uint32_t *len)
static int spa_pod_is_pointer (const struct spa_pod *pod)
static int spa_pod_get_pointer (const struct spa_pod *pod, uint32_t *type, const void **value)
static int spa_pod_is_fd (const struct spa_pod *pod)
static int spa_pod_get_fd (const struct spa_pod *pod, int64_t *value)
static int spa_pod_is_rectangle (const struct spa_pod *pod)
static int spa_pod_get_rectangle (const struct spa_pod *pod, struct spa_rectangle *value)
static int spa_pod_is_fraction (const struct spa_pod *pod)
static int spa_pod_get_fraction (const struct spa_pod *pod, struct spa_fraction *value)
static int spa_pod_is_bitmap (const struct spa_pod *pod)
static int spa_pod_is_array (const struct spa_pod *pod)
static void * spa_pod_get_array (const struct spa_pod *pod, uint32_t *n_values)
static uint32_t spa_pod_copy_array (const struct spa_pod *pod, uint32_t type, void *values, uint32_t max_values)
static int spa_pod_is_choice (const struct spa_pod *pod)
static struct spa_podspa_pod_get_values (const struct spa_pod *pod, uint32_t *n_vals, uint32_t *choice)
static int spa_pod_is_struct (const struct spa_pod *pod)
static int spa_pod_is_object (const struct spa_pod *pod)
static bool spa_pod_is_object_type (const struct spa_pod *pod, uint32_t type)
static bool spa_pod_is_object_id (const struct spa_pod *pod, uint32_t id)
static int spa_pod_is_sequence (const struct spa_pod *pod)
static const struct spa_pod_propspa_pod_object_find_prop (const struct spa_pod_object *pod, const struct spa_pod_prop *start, uint32_t key)
static const struct spa_pod_propspa_pod_find_prop (const struct spa_pod *pod, const struct spa_pod_prop *start, uint32_t key)
static int spa_pod_object_fixate (struct spa_pod_object *pod)
static int spa_pod_fixate (struct spa_pod *pod)
static int spa_pod_object_is_fixated (const struct spa_pod_object *pod)
static int spa_pod_is_fixated (const struct spa_pod *pod)

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