PipeWire  0.3.52
thread.h File Reference

spa/support/thread.h More...

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Data Structures

struct  spa_thread_utils
struct  spa_thread_utils_methods
 thread utils More...


 a thread object. More...
#define SPA_KEY_THREAD_NAME   "thread.name" /* the thread name */
#define SPA_KEY_THREAD_STACK_SIZE   "thread.stack-size" /* the stack size of the thread */


static struct spa_threadspa_thread_utils_create (struct spa_thread_utils *o, const struct spa_dict *props, void *(*start_routine)(void *), void *arg)
 create a new thread that runs start with arg More...
static int spa_thread_utils_join (struct spa_thread_utils *o, struct spa_thread *thread, void **retval)
 stop and join a th
static int spa_thread_utils_get_rt_range (struct spa_thread_utils *o, const struct spa_dict *props, int *min, int *max)
 get realtime priority range for threads created with props More...
static int spa_thread_utils_acquire_rt (struct spa_thread_utils *o, struct spa_thread *thread, int priority)
 acquire realtime priority, a priority of -1 refers to the priority configured in the realtime module More...
static int spa_thread_utils_drop_rt (struct spa_thread_utils *o, struct spa_thread *thread)
 drop realtime priority More...

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