PipeWire  0.3.52
pw_stream_control Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint32_t flags
 extra flags (unused) More...
float def
 default value More...
float min
 min value More...
float max
 max value More...
float * values
 array of values More...
uint32_t n_values
 number of values in array More...
uint32_t max_values
 max values that can be set on this control More...

Field Documentation

◆ flags

uint32_t pw_stream_control::flags

extra flags (unused)

◆ def

float pw_stream_control::def

default value

◆ min

float pw_stream_control::min

min value

◆ max

float pw_stream_control::max

max value

◆ values

float* pw_stream_control::values

array of values

◆ n_values

uint32_t pw_stream_control::n_values

number of values in array

◆ max_values

uint32_t pw_stream_control::max_values

max values that can be set on this control

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