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spa_video_info_raw Struct Reference

#include <spa/param/video/raw.h>

Data Fields

enum spa_video_format format
 the format More...
uint32_t flags
 extra video flags More...
uint64_t modifier
 format modifier only used with DMA-BUF More...
struct spa_rectangle size
 the frame size of the video More...
struct spa_fraction framerate
 the framerate of the video, 0/1 means variable rate More...
struct spa_fraction max_framerate
 the maximum framerate of the video. More...
uint32_t views
 the number of views in this video More...
enum spa_video_interlace_mode interlace_mode
 the interlace mode More...
struct spa_fraction pixel_aspect_ratio
 the pixel aspect ratio More...
enum spa_video_multiview_mode multiview_mode
 multiview mode More...
enum spa_video_multiview_flags multiview_flags
 multiview flags More...
enum spa_video_chroma_site chroma_site
 the chroma siting More...
enum spa_video_color_range color_range
 the color range. More...
enum spa_video_color_matrix color_matrix
 the color matrix. More...
enum spa_video_transfer_function transfer_function
 the transfer function. More...
enum spa_video_color_primaries color_primaries
 color primaries. More...

Detailed Description

Field Documentation

◆ format

enum spa_video_format spa_video_info_raw::format

the format

◆ flags

uint32_t spa_video_info_raw::flags

extra video flags

◆ modifier

uint64_t spa_video_info_raw::modifier

format modifier only used with DMA-BUF

◆ size

struct spa_rectangle spa_video_info_raw::size

the frame size of the video

◆ framerate

struct spa_fraction spa_video_info_raw::framerate

the framerate of the video, 0/1 means variable rate

◆ max_framerate

struct spa_fraction spa_video_info_raw::max_framerate

the maximum framerate of the video.

This is only valid when framerate is 0/1

◆ views

uint32_t spa_video_info_raw::views

the number of views in this video

◆ interlace_mode

enum spa_video_interlace_mode spa_video_info_raw::interlace_mode

the interlace mode

◆ pixel_aspect_ratio

struct spa_fraction spa_video_info_raw::pixel_aspect_ratio

the pixel aspect ratio

◆ multiview_mode

enum spa_video_multiview_mode spa_video_info_raw::multiview_mode

multiview mode

◆ multiview_flags

enum spa_video_multiview_flags spa_video_info_raw::multiview_flags

multiview flags

◆ chroma_site

enum spa_video_chroma_site spa_video_info_raw::chroma_site

the chroma siting

◆ color_range

enum spa_video_color_range spa_video_info_raw::color_range

the color range.

This is the valid range for the samples. It is used to convert the samples to Y'PbPr values.

◆ color_matrix

enum spa_video_color_matrix spa_video_info_raw::color_matrix

the color matrix.

Used to convert between Y'PbPr and non-linear RGB (R'G'B')

◆ transfer_function

enum spa_video_transfer_function spa_video_info_raw::transfer_function

the transfer function.

used to convert between R'G'B' and RGB

◆ color_primaries

enum spa_video_color_primaries spa_video_info_raw::color_primaries

color primaries.

used to convert between R'G'B' and CIE XYZ

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