PipeWire 1.0.7
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tag-utils.h File Reference

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static int spa_tag_compare (const struct spa_pod *a, const struct spa_pod *b)
static int spa_tag_parse (const struct spa_pod *tag, struct spa_tag_info *info, void **state)
static int spa_tag_info_parse (const struct spa_tag_info *info, struct spa_dict *dict, struct spa_dict_item *items)
static void spa_tag_build_start (struct spa_pod_builder *builder, struct spa_pod_frame *f, uint32_t id, enum spa_direction direction)
static void spa_tag_build_add_info (struct spa_pod_builder *builder, const struct spa_pod *info)
static void spa_tag_build_add_dict (struct spa_pod_builder *builder, const struct spa_dict *dict)
static struct spa_podspa_tag_build_end (struct spa_pod_builder *builder, struct spa_pod_frame *f)

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