PipeWire  0.3.40
pw_impl_module_events Struct Reference

Module events added with pw_impl_module_add_listener. More...

Data Fields

uint32_t version
void(* destroy )(void *data)
 The module is destroyed. More...
void(* free )(void *data)
 The module is freed. More...
void(* initialized )(void *data)
 The module is initialized. More...
void(* registered )(void *data)
 The module is registered. More...

Detailed Description

Module events added with pw_impl_module_add_listener.

Field Documentation

◆ version

uint32_t pw_impl_module_events::version

◆ destroy

void(* pw_impl_module_events::destroy) (void *data)

The module is destroyed.

◆ free

void(* pw_impl_module_events::free) (void *data)

The module is freed.

◆ initialized

void(* pw_impl_module_events::initialized) (void *data)

The module is initialized.

◆ registered

void(* pw_impl_module_events::registered) (void *data)

The module is registered.

This is a good time to register objects created from the module.

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