PipeWire 1.0.3
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Implementation API

PipeWire Object Implementation API. More...


 Client Impl
 PipeWire client object class.
 Core Impl
 PipeWire core interface.
 Device Impl
 The device is an object that manages nodes.
 Factory Impl
 The factory is used to make objects on demand.
 Module Impl
 A dynamically loadable module.
 Node Impl
 The node object processes data.
 Port Impl
 A port can be used to link two nodes.
 Buffer handling.
 A control can be used to control a port property.
 Data Loop
 PipeWire rt-loop object.
 A global object visible to remote clients.
 Manages protocols and their implementation.
 Client owned objects.
 Thread Loop
 The threaded loop object runs a Loop in a separate thread and ensures proper locking is done.
 Work Queue
 Queued processing of work items.


file  impl.h

Detailed Description

PipeWire Object Implementation API.

The implementation API provides the tools to build new objects and modules.

If you are familiar with Wayland implementation, the Implementation API is roughly equivalent to libwayland-server.

See: PipeWire API