PipeWire  0.3.36

The node object processes data. More...

Data Structures

struct  pw_impl_node_events
 Node events, listen to them with pw_impl_node_add_listener. More...


struct pw_impl_node * pw_context_create_node (struct pw_context *context, struct pw_properties *properties, size_t user_data_size)
 Create a new node. More...
int pw_impl_node_register (struct pw_impl_node *node, struct pw_properties *properties)
 Complete initialization of the node and register. More...
void pw_impl_node_destroy (struct pw_impl_node *node)
 Destroy a node. More...
const struct pw_node_infopw_impl_node_get_info (struct pw_impl_node *node)
 Get the node info. More...
void * pw_impl_node_get_user_data (struct pw_impl_node *node)
 Get node user_data. More...
struct pw_context * pw_impl_node_get_context (struct pw_impl_node *node)
 Get the context of this node. More...
struct pw_global * pw_impl_node_get_global (struct pw_impl_node *node)
 Get the global of this node. More...
const struct pw_propertiespw_impl_node_get_properties (struct pw_impl_node *node)
 Get the node properties. More...
int pw_impl_node_update_properties (struct pw_impl_node *node, const struct spa_dict *dict)
 Update the node properties. More...
int pw_impl_node_set_implementation (struct pw_impl_node *node, struct spa_node *spa_node)
 Set the node implementation. More...
struct spa_nodepw_impl_node_get_implementation (struct pw_impl_node *node)
 Get the node implementation. More...
void pw_impl_node_add_listener (struct pw_impl_node *node, struct spa_hook *listener, const struct pw_impl_node_events *events, void *data)
 Add an event listener. More...
int pw_impl_node_for_each_port (struct pw_impl_node *node, enum pw_direction direction, int(*callback)(void *data, struct pw_impl_port *port), void *data)
 Iterate the ports in the given direction. More...
int pw_impl_node_for_each_param (struct pw_impl_node *node, int seq, uint32_t param_id, uint32_t index, uint32_t max, const struct spa_pod *filter, int(*callback)(void *data, int seq, uint32_t id, uint32_t index, uint32_t next, struct spa_pod *param), void *data)
struct pw_impl_port * pw_impl_node_find_port (struct pw_impl_node *node, enum pw_direction direction, uint32_t port_id)
 Find the port with direction and port_id or NULL when not found. More...
uint32_t pw_impl_node_get_free_port_id (struct pw_impl_node *node, enum pw_direction direction)
 Get a free unused port_id from the node. More...
int pw_impl_node_initialized (struct pw_impl_node *node)
int pw_impl_node_set_active (struct pw_impl_node *node, bool active)
 Set a node active. More...
bool pw_impl_node_is_active (struct pw_impl_node *node)
 Check if a node is active. More...

Detailed Description

The node object processes data.

The node has a list of input and output ports (Port Object) on which it will receive and send out buffers respectively.

Function Documentation

◆ pw_context_create_node()

struct pw_impl_node* pw_context_create_node ( struct pw_context *  context,
struct pw_properties properties,
size_t  user_data_size 

Create a new node.

contextthe context
propertiesextra properties
user_data_sizeuser data size

References spa_source::fd, spa_source::func, name, NAME, impl::param_list, impl::pending_list, pw_log_debug, pw_properties_new(), SPA_FD_CLOEXEC, SPA_FD_NONBLOCK, spa_list_init(), SPA_PTROFF, spa_system_eventfd_create, and impl::this.

◆ pw_impl_node_add_listener()

void pw_impl_node_add_listener ( struct pw_impl_node *  node,
struct spa_hook listener,
const struct pw_impl_node_events events,
void *  data 

Add an event listener.

References spa_hook_list_append().

◆ pw_impl_node_destroy()

void pw_impl_node_destroy ( struct pw_impl_node *  node)

Destroy a node.

nodea node to destroy

Remove node. This will stop the transfer on the node and free the resources allocated by node.

References node::active, node::id, node::name, NAME, pw_log_debug, pw_log_info, and SPA_CONTAINER_OF.

Referenced by pw_context_destroy(), and pw_stream_disconnect().

◆ pw_impl_node_find_port()

struct pw_impl_port* pw_impl_node_find_port ( struct pw_impl_node *  node,
enum pw_direction  direction,
uint32_t  port_id 

Find the port with direction and port_id or NULL when not found.

Passing PW_ID_ANY for port_id will return any port, preferably an unlinked one.


◆ pw_impl_node_for_each_param()

int pw_impl_node_for_each_param ( struct pw_impl_node *  node,
int  seq,
uint32_t  param_id,
uint32_t  index,
uint32_t  max,
const struct spa_pod filter,
int(*)(void *data, int seq, uint32_t id, uint32_t index, uint32_t next, struct spa_pod *param callback,
void *  data 

◆ pw_impl_node_for_each_port()

int pw_impl_node_for_each_port ( struct pw_impl_node *  node,
enum pw_direction  direction,
int(*)(void *data, struct pw_impl_port *port callback,
void *  data 

Iterate the ports in the given direction.

The callback should return 0 to fetch the next item, any other value stops the iteration and returns the value. When all callbacks return 0, this function returns 0 when all items are iterated.

References PW_DIRECTION_INPUT, and spa_list_for_each_safe.

◆ pw_impl_node_get_context()

struct pw_context* pw_impl_node_get_context ( struct pw_impl_node *  node)

Get the context of this node.

◆ pw_impl_node_get_free_port_id()

uint32_t pw_impl_node_get_free_port_id ( struct pw_impl_node *  node,
enum pw_direction  direction 

◆ pw_impl_node_get_global()

struct pw_global* pw_impl_node_get_global ( struct pw_impl_node *  node)

Get the global of this node.

◆ pw_impl_node_get_implementation()

struct spa_node* pw_impl_node_get_implementation ( struct pw_impl_node *  node)

Get the node implementation.

References node::node.

◆ pw_impl_node_get_info()

const struct pw_node_info* pw_impl_node_get_info ( struct pw_impl_node *  node)

Get the node info.

◆ pw_impl_node_get_properties()

const struct pw_properties* pw_impl_node_get_properties ( struct pw_impl_node *  node)

Get the node properties.

◆ pw_impl_node_get_user_data()

void* pw_impl_node_get_user_data ( struct pw_impl_node *  node)

Get node user_data.

The size of the memory was given in pw_context_create_node

◆ pw_impl_node_initialized()

int pw_impl_node_initialized ( struct pw_impl_node *  node)

References NAME, and pw_log_debug.

◆ pw_impl_node_is_active()

bool pw_impl_node_is_active ( struct pw_impl_node *  node)

Check if a node is active.

References node::active.

◆ pw_impl_node_register()

int pw_impl_node_register ( struct pw_impl_node *  node,
struct pw_properties properties 

◆ pw_impl_node_set_active()

int pw_impl_node_set_active ( struct pw_impl_node *  node,
bool  active 

Set a node active.

This will start negotiation with all linked active nodes and start data transport

References node::active, NAME, pw_context_recalc_graph(), and pw_log_debug.

Referenced by pw_stream_disconnect(), and pw_stream_set_active().

◆ pw_impl_node_set_implementation()

int pw_impl_node_set_implementation ( struct pw_impl_node *  node,
struct spa_node spa_node 

Set the node implementation.

References NAME, node::node, pw_log_debug, pw_log_error, and spa_node_set_callbacks.

◆ pw_impl_node_update_properties()

int pw_impl_node_update_properties ( struct pw_impl_node *  node,
const struct spa_dict dict 

Update the node properties.

Referenced by pw_stream_update_properties().