PipeWire  0.3.27
pw_port_info Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint32_t id
 id of the global More...
enum pw_direction direction
 port direction More...
uint64_t change_mask
 bitfield of changed fields since last call More...
struct spa_dictprops
 the properties of the port More...
struct spa_param_info * params
 parameters More...
uint32_t n_params
 number of items in params More...

Field Documentation

◆ change_mask

uint64_t pw_port_info::change_mask

bitfield of changed fields since last call

Referenced by pw_port_info_update().

◆ direction

enum pw_direction pw_port_info::direction

port direction

Referenced by pw_port_info_update().

◆ id

uint32_t pw_port_info::id

id of the global

Referenced by pw_port_info_update().

◆ n_params

uint32_t pw_port_info::n_params

number of items in params

◆ params

struct spa_param_info* pw_port_info::params


◆ props

struct spa_dict* pw_port_info::props

the properties of the port

Referenced by pw_port_info_free(), and pw_port_info_update().

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