PipeWire  0.3.65
pw_protocol_marshal Struct Reference

Data Fields

const char * type
 interface type More...
uint32_t version
 version More...
uint32_t flags
 version More...
uint32_t n_client_methods
 number of client methods More...
uint32_t n_server_methods
 number of server methods More...
const void * client_marshal
const void * server_demarshal
const void * server_marshal
const void * client_demarshal

Field Documentation

◆ type

const char* pw_protocol_marshal::type

interface type

◆ version

uint32_t pw_protocol_marshal::version


◆ flags

uint32_t pw_protocol_marshal::flags


◆ n_client_methods

uint32_t pw_protocol_marshal::n_client_methods

number of client methods

◆ n_server_methods

uint32_t pw_protocol_marshal::n_server_methods

number of server methods

◆ client_marshal

const void* pw_protocol_marshal::client_marshal

◆ server_demarshal

const void* pw_protocol_marshal::server_demarshal

◆ server_marshal

const void* pw_protocol_marshal::server_marshal

◆ client_demarshal

const void* pw_protocol_marshal::client_demarshal

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