PipeWire  0.3.65
spa_handle Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint32_t version
int(* get_interface )(struct spa_handle *handle, const char *type, void **interface)
 Get the interface provided by handle with type. More...
int(* clear )(struct spa_handle *handle)
 Clean up the memory of handle. More...

Detailed Description

Field Documentation

◆ version

uint32_t spa_handle::version

◆ get_interface

int(* spa_handle::get_interface) (struct spa_handle *handle, const char *type, void **interface)

Get the interface provided by handle with type.

interface is always a struct spa_interface but depending on type, the struct might contain other information.

handlea spa_handle
typethe interface type
interfaceresult to hold the interface.
0 on success -ENOTSUP when there are no interfaces -EINVAL when handle or info is NULL

◆ clear

int(* spa_handle::clear) (struct spa_handle *handle)

Clean up the memory of handle.

After this, handle should not be used anymore.

handlea pointer to memory
0 on success

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