PipeWire 1.0.7
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/* Spa */
/* SPDX-FileCopyrightText: Copyright © 2018 Wim Taymans */
/* SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT */
#include "config.h"
#include <math.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <dlfcn.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <pthread.h>
#include <poll.h>
#include <spa/node/node.h>
#include <spa/node/io.h>
#include <spa/node/utils.h>
#define M_PI_M2 ( M_PI + M_PI )
static SPA_LOG_IMPL(default_log);
#define spa_debug(f,...) spa_log_trace(&default_log.log, f, __VA_ARGS__)
#include <spa/debug/pod.h>
struct buffer {
struct spa_buffer buffer;
struct spa_meta metas[1];
struct spa_meta_header header;
struct spa_data datas[1];
struct spa_chunk chunks[1];
struct data {
const char *plugin_dir;
struct spa_log *log;
struct spa_system *system;
struct spa_loop *loop;
struct spa_loop_control *control;
struct spa_support support[5];
uint32_t n_support;
struct spa_graph graph;
struct spa_graph_state graph_state;
struct spa_graph_node source_node;
struct spa_graph_state source_state;
struct spa_graph_port source_out;
struct spa_graph_port sink_in;
struct spa_graph_node sink_node;
struct spa_graph_state sink_state;
struct spa_node *sink;
struct spa_node *source;
struct spa_io_buffers source_sink_io[1];
struct spa_buffer *source_buffers[1];
struct buffer source_buffer[1];
uint8_t ctrl[1024];
double freq_accum;
double volume_accum;
bool running;
pthread_t thread;
#define MIN_LATENCY 1024
#define BUFFER_SIZE 4096
static void
init_buffer(struct data *data, struct spa_buffer **bufs, struct buffer *ba, int n_buffers,
size_t size)
int i;
for (i = 0; i < n_buffers; i++) {
struct buffer *b = &ba[i];
bufs[i] = &b->buffer;
b->buffer.metas = b->metas;
b->buffer.n_metas = 1;
b->buffer.datas = b->datas;
b->buffer.n_datas = 1;
b->header.flags = 0;
b->header.seq = 0;
b->header.pts = 0;
b->header.dts_offset = 0;
b->metas[0].type = SPA_META_Header;
b->metas[0].data = &b->header;
b->metas[0].size = sizeof(b->header);
b->datas[0].type = SPA_DATA_MemPtr;
b->datas[0].flags = 0;
b->datas[0].fd = -1;
b->datas[0].mapoffset = 0;
b->datas[0].maxsize = size;
b->datas[0].data = malloc(size);
b->datas[0].chunk = &b->chunks[0];
b->datas[0].chunk->offset = 0;
b->datas[0].chunk->size = 0;
b->datas[0].chunk->stride = 0;
static int make_node(struct data *data, struct spa_node **node, const char *lib, const char *name)
struct spa_handle *handle;
int res;
void *hnd;
uint32_t i;
char *path;
if ((path = spa_aprintf("%s/%s", data->plugin_dir, lib)) == NULL) {
return -ENOMEM;
if ((hnd = dlopen(path, RTLD_NOW)) == NULL) {
printf("can't load %s: %s\n", lib, dlerror());
return -ENOENT;
if ((enum_func = dlsym(hnd, SPA_HANDLE_FACTORY_ENUM_FUNC_NAME)) == NULL) {
printf("can't find enum function\n");
return -ENOENT;
for (i = 0;;) {
const struct spa_handle_factory *factory;
void *iface;
if ((res = enum_func(&factory, &i)) <= 0) {
if (res != 0)
printf("can't enumerate factories: %s\n", spa_strerror(res));
if (factory->version < 1)
if (!spa_streq(factory->name, name))
handle = calloc(1, spa_handle_factory_get_size(factory, NULL));
if ((res =
spa_handle_factory_init(factory, handle, NULL, data->support,
data->n_support)) < 0) {
printf("can't make factory instance: %d\n", res);
return res;
if ((res = spa_handle_get_interface(handle, SPA_TYPE_INTERFACE_Node, &iface)) < 0) {
printf("can't get interface %d\n", res);
return res;
*node = iface;
return 0;
return -EBADF;
static void update_props(struct data *data)
struct spa_pod_builder b;
struct spa_pod *pod;
struct spa_pod_frame f[2];
spa_pod_builder_init(&b, data->ctrl, sizeof(data->ctrl));
#if 0
spa_pod_builder_float(&b, ((sin(data->freq_accum) + 1.0) * 200.0) + 440.0);
spa_pod_builder_float(&b, (sin(data->volume_accum) / 2.0) + 0.5);
spa_pod_builder_pop(&b, &f[1]);
pod = spa_pod_builder_pop(&b, &f[0]);
SPA_PROP_frequency, SPA_POD_Float(((sin(data->freq_accum) + 1.0) * 200.0) + 440.0),
SPA_PROP_volume, SPA_POD_Float((sin(data->volume_accum) / 2.0) + 0.5));
pod = spa_pod_builder_pop(&b, &f[0]);
spa_debug_pod(0, NULL, pod);
data->freq_accum += M_PI_M2 / 880.0;
if (data->freq_accum >= M_PI_M2)
data->freq_accum -= M_PI_M2;
data->volume_accum += M_PI_M2 / 2000.0;
if (data->volume_accum >= M_PI_M2)
data->volume_accum -= M_PI_M2;
static int on_sink_ready(void *_data, int status)
struct data *data = _data;
return 0;
static int
on_sink_reuse_buffer(void *_data, uint32_t port_id, uint32_t buffer_id)
struct data *data = _data;
data->source_sink_io[0].buffer_id = buffer_id;
return 0;
static const struct spa_node_callbacks sink_callbacks = {
.ready = on_sink_ready,
.reuse_buffer = on_sink_reuse_buffer
static int make_nodes(struct data *data, const char *device)
int res;
struct spa_pod *props;
struct spa_pod_builder b = { 0 };
uint8_t buffer[512];
//uint32_t idx;
if ((res = make_node(data, &data->sink,
printf("can't create alsa-sink: %d\n", res);
return res;
spa_node_set_callbacks(data->sink, &sink_callbacks, data);
spa_pod_builder_init(&b, buffer, sizeof(buffer));
SPA_PROP_device, SPA_POD_String(device ? device : "hw:0"),
spa_debug_pod(0, NULL, props);
if ((res = spa_node_set_param(data->sink, SPA_PARAM_Props, 0, props)) < 0)
printf("got set_props error %d\n", res);
if ((res = make_node(data, &data->source,
"audiotestsrc")) < 0) {
printf("can't create audiotestsrc: %d\n", res);
return res;
spa_pod_builder_init(&b, buffer, sizeof(buffer));
if ((res = spa_node_set_param(data->source, SPA_PARAM_Props, 0, props)) < 0)
printf("got set_props error %d\n", res);
if ((res = spa_node_port_set_io(data->source,
&data->ctrl, sizeof(data->ctrl))) < 0) {
printf("can't set_io freq: %d\n", res);
return res;
data->source_sink_io[0] = SPA_IO_BUFFERS_INIT;
&data->source_sink_io[0], sizeof(data->source_sink_io[0]));
&data->source_sink_io[0], sizeof(data->source_sink_io[0]));
spa_graph_node_init(&data->source_node, &data->source_state);
spa_graph_node_set_callbacks(&data->source_node, &spa_graph_node_impl_default, data->source);
spa_graph_node_add(&data->graph, &data->source_node);
spa_graph_port_init(&data->source_out, SPA_DIRECTION_OUTPUT, 0, 0);
spa_graph_port_add(&data->source_node, &data->source_out);
spa_graph_node_init(&data->sink_node, &data->sink_state);
spa_graph_node_add(&data->graph, &data->sink_node);
spa_graph_port_init(&data->sink_in, SPA_DIRECTION_INPUT, 0, 0);
spa_graph_port_add(&data->sink_node, &data->sink_in);
spa_graph_port_link(&data->source_out, &data->sink_in);
return res;
static int negotiate_formats(struct data *data)
int res;
struct spa_pod *format;
struct spa_pod_builder b = { 0 };
uint8_t buffer[4096];
spa_pod_builder_init(&b, buffer, sizeof(buffer));
.rate = 48000,
.channels = 2 ));
if ((res = spa_node_port_set_param(data->sink,
SPA_PARAM_Format, 0, format)) < 0)
return res;
if ((res = spa_node_port_set_param(data->source,
SPA_PARAM_Format, 0, format)) < 0)
return res;
init_buffer(data, data->source_buffers, data->source_buffer, 1, BUFFER_SIZE);
if ((res =
data->source_buffers, 1)) < 0)
return res;
if ((res =
data->source_buffers, 1)) < 0)
return res;
return 0;
static void *loop(void *user_data)
struct data *data = user_data;
printf("enter thread\n");
while (data->running) {
spa_loop_control_iterate(data->control, -1);
printf("leave thread\n");
return NULL;
static void run_async_sink(struct data *data)
int res, err;
struct spa_command cmd;
if ((res = spa_node_send_command(data->sink, &cmd)) < 0)
printf("got error %d\n", res);
data->running = true;
if ((err = pthread_create(&data->thread, NULL, loop, data)) != 0) {
printf("can't create thread: %d %s", err, strerror(err));
data->running = false;
printf("sleeping for 1000 seconds\n");
if (data->running) {
data->running = false;
pthread_join(data->thread, NULL);
if ((res = spa_node_send_command(data->sink, &cmd)) < 0)
printf("got error %d\n", res);
static int load_handle(struct data *data, struct spa_handle **handle, const char *lib, const char *name)
int res;
void *hnd;
uint32_t i;
char *path;
if ((path = spa_aprintf("%s/%s", data->plugin_dir, lib)) == NULL) {
return -ENOMEM;
if ((hnd = dlopen(path, RTLD_NOW)) == NULL) {
printf("can't load %s: %s\n", lib, dlerror());
return -ENOENT;
if ((enum_func = dlsym(hnd, SPA_HANDLE_FACTORY_ENUM_FUNC_NAME)) == NULL) {
printf("can't find enum function\n");
return -ENOENT;
for (i = 0;;) {
const struct spa_handle_factory *factory;
if ((res = enum_func(&factory, &i)) <= 0) {
if (res != 0)
printf("can't enumerate factories: %s\n", spa_strerror(res));
if (factory->version < 1)
if (!spa_streq(factory->name, name))
*handle = calloc(1, spa_handle_factory_get_size(factory, NULL));
if ((res = spa_handle_factory_init(factory, *handle,
NULL, data->support,
data->n_support)) < 0) {
printf("can't make factory instance: %d\n", res);
return res;
return 0;
return -EBADF;
static int init_data(struct data *data)
int res;
const char *str;
struct spa_handle *handle = NULL;
void *iface;
if ((str = getenv("SPA_PLUGIN_DIR")) == NULL)
data->plugin_dir = str;
/* init the graph */
spa_graph_init(&data->graph, &data->graph_state);
/* set the default log */
data->log = &default_log.log;
data->support[data->n_support++] = SPA_SUPPORT_INIT(SPA_TYPE_INTERFACE_Log, data->log);
/* load and set support system */
if ((res = load_handle(data, &handle,
return res;
if ((res = spa_handle_get_interface(handle, SPA_TYPE_INTERFACE_System, &iface)) < 0) {
printf("can't get System interface %d\n", res);
return res;
data->system = iface;
data->support[data->n_support++] = SPA_SUPPORT_INIT(SPA_TYPE_INTERFACE_System, data->system);
data->support[data->n_support++] = SPA_SUPPORT_INIT(SPA_TYPE_INTERFACE_DataSystem, data->system);
/* load and set support loop and loop control */
if ((res = load_handle(data, &handle,
return res;
if ((res = spa_handle_get_interface(handle, SPA_TYPE_INTERFACE_Loop, &iface)) < 0) {
printf("can't get interface %d\n", res);
return res;
data->loop = iface;
data->support[data->n_support++] = SPA_SUPPORT_INIT(SPA_TYPE_INTERFACE_Loop, data->loop);
data->support[data->n_support++] = SPA_SUPPORT_INIT(SPA_TYPE_INTERFACE_DataLoop, data->loop);
if ((res = spa_handle_get_interface(handle, SPA_TYPE_INTERFACE_LoopControl, &iface)) < 0) {
printf("can't get interface %d\n", res);
return res;
data->control = iface;
if ((str = getenv("SPA_DEBUG")))
data->log->level = atoi(str);
return 0;
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
struct data data = { NULL };
int res;
if ((res = init_data(&data)) < 0) {
printf("can't init data: %d (%s)\n", res, spa_strerror(res));
return -1;
if ((res = make_nodes(&data, argc > 1 ? argv[1] : NULL)) < 0) {
printf("can't make nodes: %d (%s)\n", res, spa_strerror(res));
return -1;
if ((res = negotiate_formats(&data)) < 0) {
printf("can't negotiate nodes: %d (%s)\n", res, spa_strerror(res));
return -1;
return 0;
@ SPA_META_Header
struct spa_meta_header
Definition meta.h:27
pointer to memory, the data field in struct spa_data is set.
Definition buffer.h:33
@ SPA_CONTROL_Properties
data contains a SPA_TYPE_OBJECT_Props
Definition control.h:32
static int spa_debug_pod(int indent, const struct spa_type_info *info, const struct spa_pod *pod)
Definition pod.h:198
static void spa_graph_node_set_callbacks(struct spa_graph_node *node, const struct spa_graph_node_callbacks *callbacks, void *data)
Definition graph.h:249
static const struct spa_graph_node_callbacks spa_graph_node_impl_default
Definition graph.h:342
static void spa_graph_init(struct spa_graph *graph, struct spa_graph_state *state)
Definition graph.h:185
static void spa_graph_node_add(struct spa_graph *graph, struct spa_graph_node *node)
Definition graph.h:257
static void spa_graph_node_init(struct spa_graph_node *node, struct spa_graph_state *state)
Definition graph.h:212
static void spa_graph_port_init(struct spa_graph_port *port, enum spa_direction direction, uint32_t port_id, uint32_t flags)
Definition graph.h:279
static void spa_graph_port_add(struct spa_graph_node *node, struct spa_graph_port *port)
Definition graph.h:291
static void spa_graph_port_link(struct spa_graph_port *out, struct spa_graph_port *in)
Definition graph.h:306
#define spa_graph_node_process(n)
Definition graph.h:119
int(* spa_handle_factory_enum_func_t)(const struct spa_handle_factory **factory, uint32_t *index)
The function signature of the entry point in a plugin.
Definition plugin.h:182
Definition plugin.h:186
#define SPA_SUPPORT_INIT(type, data)
Definition plugin.h:95
#define spa_handle_factory_init(h,...)
Definition plugin.h:170
#define spa_handle_get_interface(h,...)
Definition plugin.h:60
#define spa_handle_factory_get_size(h,...)
Definition plugin.h:169
#define SPA_LOG_IMPL(name)
Definition log-impl.h:119
The Log interface.
Definition log.h:58
#define spa_loop_control_enter(l)
Enter a loop.
Definition loop.h:255
#define spa_loop_control_leave(l)
Leave a loop.
Definition loop.h:258
#define spa_loop_control_iterate(l,...)
Perform one iteration of the loop.
Definition loop.h:261
Definition loop.h:33
Definition loop.h:31
#define SPA_TYPE_INTERFACE_LoopControl
Definition loop.h:39
A Loop/LoopControl/LoopUtils interface.
Definition names.h:34
A System interface.
Definition names.h:37
an alsa Node interface for playback PCM
Definition names.h:109
Definition node.h:37
Definition node.h:234
#define spa_node_port_set_io(n,...)
Configure the given memory area with id on port_id.
Definition node.h:755
#define spa_node_set_param(n,...)
Set the configurable parameter in node.
Definition node.h:731
#define spa_node_port_set_param(n,...)
Set a parameter on port_id of node.
Definition node.h:749
#define spa_node_send_command(n,...)
Send a command to a node.
Definition node.h:737
Definition io.h:94
Definition command.h:49
#define spa_node_port_use_buffers(n,...)
Tell the port to use the given buffers.
Definition node.h:752
#define spa_node_set_callbacks(n,...)
Set callbacks to on node.
Definition node.h:722
@ SPA_IO_Control
area for control messages, struct spa_io_sequence
Definition io.h:42
@ SPA_IO_Buffers
area to exchange buffers, struct spa_io_buffers
Definition io.h:38
pause a node.
Definition command.h:28
start a node, this makes it start emitting scheduling events
Definition command.h:30
static struct spa_pod * spa_format_audio_raw_build(struct spa_pod_builder *builder, uint32_t id, struct spa_audio_info_raw *info)
Definition raw-utils.h:47
Definition raw.h:293
@ SPA_PROP_minLatency
Definition props.h:53
@ SPA_PROP_device
Definition props.h:47
@ SPA_PROP_live
Definition props.h:58
@ SPA_PROP_volume
a volume (Float), 0.0 silence, 1.0 no attenutation
Definition props.h:67
@ SPA_PROP_frequency
Definition props.h:66
@ SPA_PARAM_Format
configured format as SPA_TYPE_OBJECT_Format
Definition param.h:34
properties as SPA_TYPE_OBJECT_Props
Definition param.h:32
Definition raw.h:94
static int spa_pod_builder_prop(struct spa_pod_builder *builder, uint32_t key, uint32_t flags)
Definition builder.h:450
#define SPA_POD_String(val)
Definition vararg.h:94
#define SPA_POD_Bool(val)
Definition vararg.h:44
static int spa_pod_builder_float(struct spa_pod_builder *builder, float val)
Definition builder.h:265
static int spa_pod_builder_push_sequence(struct spa_pod_builder *builder, struct spa_pod_frame *frame, uint32_t unit)
Definition builder.h:460
static void * spa_pod_builder_pop(struct spa_pod_builder *builder, struct spa_pod_frame *frame)
Definition builder.h:168
static int spa_pod_builder_control(struct spa_pod_builder *builder, uint32_t offset, uint32_t type)
Definition builder.h:471
#define spa_pod_builder_add_object(b, type, id,...)
Definition builder.h:659
#define SPA_POD_Float(val)
Definition vararg.h:76
static void spa_pod_builder_init(struct spa_pod_builder *builder, void *data, uint32_t size)
Definition builder.h:87
static int spa_pod_builder_push_object(struct spa_pod_builder *builder, struct spa_pod_frame *frame, uint32_t type, uint32_t id)
Definition builder.h:435
#define SPA_POD_Int(val)
Definition vararg.h:54
#define spa_strerror(err)
Definition result.h:49
static bool spa_streq(const char *s1, const char *s2)
Definition string.h:41
a collection of core system functions
Definition system.h:39
#define SPA_TYPE_INTERFACE_DataSystem
Definition system.h:41
Definition type.h:75
#define spa_aprintf(_fmt,...)
Definition defs.h:451
Definition defs.h:93
Definition defs.h:94
A Buffer.
Definition buffer.h:94
Chunk of memory, can change for each buffer.
Definition buffer.h:43
Definition command.h:29
Data for a buffer this stays constant for a buffer.
Definition buffer.h:62
Definition graph.h:97
Definition graph.h:122
Definition graph.h:46
Definition graph.h:80
Definition plugin.h:97
uint32_t version
Definition plugin.h:101
Definition plugin.h:30
IO area to exchange buffers.
Definition io.h:78
Definition log.h:61
Definition loop.h:42
Definition loop.h:36
Describes essential buffer header metadata such as flags and timestamps.
Definition meta.h:67
A metadata element.
Definition meta.h:47
Node callbacks.
Definition node.h:232
int(* ready)(void *data, int state)
Definition node.h:244
Definition node.h:41
Definition builder.h:53
Definition iter.h:27
struct spa_pod pod
Definition iter.h:28
Definition pod.h:43
Extra supporting infrastructure passed to the init() function of a factory.
Definition plugin.h:76
Definition system.h:45