PipeWire  0.3.39
spa_chunk Struct Reference

Chunk of memory, can change for each buffer. More...

Data Fields

uint32_t offset
 offset of valid data. More...
uint32_t size
 size of valid data. More...
int32_t stride
 stride of valid data More...
int32_t flags
 chunk flags More...

Detailed Description

Field Documentation

◆ offset

uint32_t spa_chunk::offset

offset of valid data.

Should be taken modulo the data maxsize to get the offset in the data memory.

audio-src.c, export-source.c, tutorial4.c, video-src-alloc.c, video-src-reneg.c, and video-src.c.

◆ size

uint32_t spa_chunk::size

size of valid data.

Should be clamped to maxsize.

audio-src.c, export-source.c, tutorial4.c, tutorial5.c, video-src-alloc.c, video-src-reneg.c, and video-src.c.

◆ stride

◆ flags

int32_t spa_chunk::flags

chunk flags

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