PipeWire 1.0.0
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spa_meta Struct Reference

A metadata element. More...

#include <spa/buffer/meta.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t type
 metadata type, one of enum spa_meta_type
uint32_t size
 size of metadata
void * data
 pointer to metadata

Detailed Description

A metadata element.

This structure is available on the buffer structure and contains the type of the metadata and a pointer/size to the actual metadata itself.

export-sink.c, spa/examples/adapter-control.c, spa/examples/example-control.c, spa/examples/local-libcamera.c, spa/examples/local-v4l2.c, video-src-alloc.c, video-src-fixate.c, video-src-reneg.c, and video-src.c.

Field Documentation

◆ type

uint32_t spa_meta::type

metadata type, one of enum spa_meta_type

◆ size

uint32_t spa_meta::size

size of metadata

◆ data

void* spa_meta::data

pointer to metadata

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