PipeWire 1.0.5
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pipewire.h File Reference

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void pw_init (int *argc, char **argv[])
 Initialize PipeWire.
void pw_deinit (void)
 Deinitialize PipeWire.
bool pw_debug_is_category_enabled (const char *name)
 Check if a debug category is enabled.
const char * pw_get_application_name (void)
 Get the application name.
const char * pw_get_prgname (void)
 Get the program name.
const char * pw_get_user_name (void)
 Get the user name.
const char * pw_get_host_name (void)
 Get the host name.
const char * pw_get_client_name (void)
 Get the client name.
bool pw_check_option (const char *option, const char *value)
enum pw_direction pw_direction_reverse (enum pw_direction direction)
 Reverse the direction.
int pw_set_domain (const char *domain)
const char * pw_get_domain (void)
uint32_t pw_get_support (struct spa_support *support, uint32_t max_support)
struct spa_handlepw_load_spa_handle (const char *lib, const char *factory_name, const struct spa_dict *info, uint32_t n_support, const struct spa_support support[])
int pw_unload_spa_handle (struct spa_handle *handle)

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