PipeWire  0.3.32
impl-module.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  pw_impl_module_events
 Module events added with pw_impl_module_add_listener. More...


#define PIPEWIRE_SYMBOL_MODULE_INIT   "pipewire__module_init"
#define PIPEWIRE_MODULE_PREFIX   "libpipewire-"
typedef int(* pw_impl_module_init_func_t) (struct pw_impl_module *module, const char *args)
 Module init function signature. More...
struct pw_impl_module * pw_context_load_module (struct pw_context *context, const char *name, const char *args, struct pw_properties *properties)
 Load a module. More...
struct pw_context * pw_impl_module_get_context (struct pw_impl_module *module)
 Get the context of a module. More...
struct pw_global * pw_impl_module_get_global (struct pw_impl_module *module)
 Get the global of a module. More...
const struct pw_propertiespw_impl_module_get_properties (struct pw_impl_module *module)
 Get the node properties. More...
int pw_impl_module_update_properties (struct pw_impl_module *module, const struct spa_dict *dict)
 Update the module properties. More...
const struct pw_module_infopw_impl_module_get_info (struct pw_impl_module *module)
 Get the module info. More...
void pw_impl_module_add_listener (struct pw_impl_module *module, struct spa_hook *listener, const struct pw_impl_module_events *events, void *data)
 Add an event listener to a module. More...
void pw_impl_module_destroy (struct pw_impl_module *module)
 Destroy a module. More...

Macro Definition Documentation


#define PIPEWIRE_MODULE_PREFIX   "libpipewire-"


#define PIPEWIRE_SYMBOL_MODULE_INIT   "pipewire__module_init"



Typedef Documentation

◆ pw_impl_module_init_func_t

typedef int(* pw_impl_module_init_func_t) (struct pw_impl_module *module, const char *args)

Module init function signature.

moduleA Dynamically loadable Module
argsArguments to the module
0 on success, < 0 otherwise with an errno style error

A module should provide an init function with this signature. This function will be called when a module is loaded.

Function Documentation

◆ pw_context_load_module()

struct pw_impl_module* pw_context_load_module ( struct pw_context *  context,
const char *  name,
const char *  args,
struct pw_properties properties 

Load a module.

contexta PipeWire Context
namename of the module to load
argsA string with arguments for the module
propertiesextra global properties
A Dynamically loadable Module if the module could be loaded, or NULL on failure.

References pw_log_debug, and res.

◆ pw_impl_module_add_listener()

void pw_impl_module_add_listener ( struct pw_impl_module *  module,
struct spa_hook listener,
const struct pw_impl_module_events events,
void *  data 

Add an event listener to a module.

References spa_hook_list_append().

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ pw_impl_module_destroy()

void pw_impl_module_destroy ( struct pw_impl_module *  module)

◆ pw_impl_module_get_context()

struct pw_context* pw_impl_module_get_context ( struct pw_impl_module *  module)

Get the context of a module.

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ pw_impl_module_get_global()

struct pw_global* pw_impl_module_get_global ( struct pw_impl_module *  module)

Get the global of a module.

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().

◆ pw_impl_module_get_info()

const struct pw_module_info* pw_impl_module_get_info ( struct pw_impl_module *  module)

Get the module info.

◆ pw_impl_module_get_properties()

const struct pw_properties* pw_impl_module_get_properties ( struct pw_impl_module *  module)

Get the node properties.

◆ pw_impl_module_update_properties()

int pw_impl_module_update_properties ( struct pw_impl_module *  module,
const struct spa_dict dict 

Update the module properties.

References NAME, pw_log_debug, PW_MODULE_CHANGE_MASK_PROPS, pw_properties_update(), and spa_list_for_each.

Referenced by pipewire__module_init().