PipeWire 1.0.5
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proxy.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  pw_proxy_events
 Proxy events, use pw_proxy_add_listener. More...


#define pw_proxy_notify(p, type, event, version, ...)
#define pw_proxy_call(p, type, method, version, ...)
#define pw_proxy_call_res(p, type, method, version, ...)


struct pw_proxypw_proxy_new (struct pw_proxy *factory, const char *type, uint32_t version, size_t user_data_size)
 Create a proxy object with a given id and type.
void pw_proxy_add_listener (struct pw_proxy *proxy, struct spa_hook *listener, const struct pw_proxy_events *events, void *data)
 Add an event listener to proxy.
void pw_proxy_add_object_listener (struct pw_proxy *proxy, struct spa_hook *listener, const void *funcs, void *data)
 Add a listener for the events received from the remote object.
void pw_proxy_destroy (struct pw_proxy *proxy)
 destroy a proxy
void pw_proxy_ref (struct pw_proxy *proxy)
void pw_proxy_unref (struct pw_proxy *proxy)
void * pw_proxy_get_user_data (struct pw_proxy *proxy)
 Get the user_data.
uint32_t pw_proxy_get_id (struct pw_proxy *proxy)
 Get the local id of the proxy.
const char * pw_proxy_get_type (struct pw_proxy *proxy, uint32_t *version)
 Get the type and version of the proxy.
struct pw_protocolpw_proxy_get_protocol (struct pw_proxy *proxy)
 Get the protocol used for the proxy.
int pw_proxy_sync (struct pw_proxy *proxy, int seq)
 Generate an sync method for a proxy.
int pw_proxy_set_bound_id (struct pw_proxy *proxy, uint32_t global_id)
 Set the global id this proxy is bound to.
uint32_t pw_proxy_get_bound_id (struct pw_proxy *proxy)
 Get the global id bound to this proxy of SPA_ID_INVALID when not bound to a global.
int pw_proxy_error (struct pw_proxy *proxy, int res, const char *error)
 Generate an error for a proxy.
int pw_proxy_errorf (struct pw_proxy *proxy, int res, const char *error,...)
struct spa_hook_listpw_proxy_get_object_listeners (struct pw_proxy *proxy)
 Get the listener of proxy.
const struct pw_protocol_marshalpw_proxy_get_marshal (struct pw_proxy *proxy)
 Get the marshal functions for the proxy.
int pw_proxy_install_marshal (struct pw_proxy *proxy, bool implementor)
 Install a marshal function on a proxy.

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