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utils/dict.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  spa_dict_item
struct  spa_dict


#define SPA_DICT_ITEM_INIT(key, value)   ((struct spa_dict_item) { (key), (value) })
#define SPA_DICT_FLAG_SORTED   (1<<0)
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#define SPA_DICT_INIT(items, n_items)   ((struct spa_dict) { 0, (n_items), (items) })
#define SPA_DICT_INIT_ARRAY(items)   ((struct spa_dict) { 0, SPA_N_ELEMENTS(items), (items) })
#define spa_dict_for_each(item, dict)


static int spa_dict_item_compare (const void *i1, const void *i2)
static void spa_dict_qsort (struct spa_dict *dict)
static const struct spa_dict_itemspa_dict_lookup_item (const struct spa_dict *dict, const char *key)
static const char * spa_dict_lookup (const struct spa_dict *dict, const char *key)

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