PipeWire 0.3.80
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Tutorial - Part 2: Enumerating Objects

\ref page_tutorial2
/* [code] */
static void registry_event_global(void *data, uint32_t id,
uint32_t permissions, const char *type, uint32_t version,
const struct spa_dict *props)
printf("object: id:%u type:%s/%d\n", id, type, version);
static const struct pw_registry_events registry_events = {
.global = registry_event_global,
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
struct pw_main_loop *loop;
struct pw_context *context;
struct pw_core *core;
struct pw_registry *registry;
struct spa_hook registry_listener;
pw_init(&argc, &argv);
loop = pw_main_loop_new(NULL /* properties */);
NULL /* properties */,
0 /* user_data size */);
core = pw_context_connect(context,
NULL /* properties */,
0 /* user_data size */);
0 /* user_data size */);
pw_registry_add_listener(registry, &registry_listener,
&registry_events, NULL);
pw_proxy_destroy((struct pw_proxy*)registry);
return 0;
/* [code] */
void pw_context_destroy(struct pw_context *context)
destroy a context object, all resources except the main_loop will be destroyed
Definition: context.c:384
struct pw_context * pw_context_new(struct pw_loop *main_loop, struct pw_properties *props, size_t user_data_size)
Make a new context object for a given main_loop.
Definition: context.c:172
struct pw_core * pw_context_connect(struct pw_context *context, struct pw_properties *properties, size_t user_data_size)
Connect to a PipeWire instance.
Definition: core.c:390
int pw_core_disconnect(struct pw_core *core)
disconnect and destroy a core
Definition: core.c:477
Definition: core.h:52
static struct pw_registry * pw_core_get_registry(struct pw_core *core, uint32_t version, size_t user_data_size)
Definition: core.h:406
void pw_main_loop_destroy(struct pw_main_loop *loop)
Destroy a loop.
Definition: main-loop.c:70
int pw_main_loop_run(struct pw_main_loop *loop)
Run a main loop.
Definition: main-loop.c:119
struct pw_main_loop * pw_main_loop_new(const struct spa_dict *props)
Create a new main loop.
Definition: main-loop.c:60
struct pw_loop * pw_main_loop_get_loop(struct pw_main_loop *loop)
Get the loop implementation.
Definition: main-loop.c:93
void pw_init(int *argc, char **argv[])
Initialize PipeWire.
Definition: pipewire.c:555
void pw_proxy_destroy(struct pw_proxy *proxy)
destroy a proxy
Definition: proxy.c:205
Definition: core.h:484
#define pw_registry_add_listener(p,...)
Definition: core.h:568
#define spa_zero(x)
Definition: defs.h:417
A main loop object.
Registry events.
Definition: core.h:482
Definition: utils/dict.h:39
A hook, contains the structure with functions and the data passed to the functions.
Definition: hook.h:350